Oxford Soto Zen
Daily Dogen: 
"The ocean is neither round nor square. Its features are infinite in variety."

--- Genjo Koan, Part 9, in Moon in a Dewdrop,
Kazuaki Tanahashi, ed.

The image of The Ocean often represents
the infinite phenomenal world,
which we comprehend through engaging the immediate.
Oxford Soto Zen is
on Break through June, 2014

Dharma Study
will focus on
The Heart Sutra
(Prajna Paramita)
January - March

Please read and reflect on:
The Heart Sutra
Translation & Commentary
Red Pine

Offering meditation, Zen practice and Dharma study in the lineage of Shunryu Suzuki.

We are on break until July, 2014.  Please see "News and Events" page for more information.

SCHEDULE (Beginning July, 2014)

     Sunday Mornings:
          7:30 Set-up and newcomer orientation
          8:00  Zazen (sitting meditation)
          8:40  Kinhin (walking meditation)
          8:50  Zazen (sitting meditation)
          8:20  Service:  Ceremonial bowing & chanting
          9:00   Dharma study
          9:45 - 10:00  Soji (silent work period)

     Tuesday & Thursday Mornings:
          6:00  Zazen (sitting meditation)
          6:40 - 6:45  Robe Chant


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Powerhouse Community Arts Center
413 S 13th Street
(At the corner of University & 13th)
Oxford, MS 38655

In the theater space.