Oxford Soto Zen
Monthly Dogen (October)
Just as the vast sky does not hinder the white clouds from flying, white clouds do not hinder white clouds.

News Headlines
>OSZ continues to offer all activities online via ZOOM until further notice.
>OSZ will be closed for the Month of January 2021, for Winter Break. Regular schedule continues through Dec. 31st and resumes Jan. 2, 2021.  See FULL SCHEDULE below on this page.



via Zoom

Thursday, October 1
Full Moon Ceremony
  5:00AM - zazen
  5:10 - kinhin (outdoor, for
            moon viewing,
            near our  
            respective homes)
  5:25 - return to our Zoom
            screens to:
        -  Chant Metta Sutta
        -  Renew our vows


Offering meditation, Zen practice and Dharma Study in the Soto Tradition

Chant of the Month & Through December: 
Metta Sutta

via ZOOM until further notice.

5:00AM - Practice Discussion (private, by  appointment)

11:30AM - 12:30PM CT - Guided Meditation

5:00AM CT - Zazen (silent sitting meditation)

5:25AM CT - Kinhin (silent walking meditation)

5:33AM CT - Zazen (silent sitting meditation)

5:50AM CT - Robe Chant

6:00AM CT - Practice Discussion                                                    (private, by appointment)
9:00AM CT - Zazen (silent sitting meditation)

9:25AM CT - Kinhin (silent walking meditation)

9:30AM CT - Zazen (silent sitting meditation)

9:50AM CT - Service

10:00AM CT - Dharma Talk and/or Discussion


          6:00  - 6:40  Zazen (sitting meditation)
          6:40  - 7:00  Kannon Sutra (chant, w/bells)

          9:00 - 9:20   Zazen (sitting meditation)
          9:20 - 9:30   Kinhin (walking meditation)
          9:30 - 9:50   Zazen
          9:50 - 10:05 Service 

       10:15 - 10:50  Special Event (See left sidbar.)
       10:50 - 11:00  Closing Chant




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     ZENDO LOCATION                                     MAILING ADDRESS

       Oxford Soto Zendo*                                               Kido Listenbee
       352 Price Street                                                    14 County Road 3073
       Oxford, MS  38655                                                Taylor, MS 38673

     * A red brick house on the S side
      of Price street, 2nd house E of
      the corner of MLK

       OK to park in driveway behind Kido's white Hyundai with the "Here Now"
       car tag.  (1st person in, please pull left.)

       Street parking OK too.