Oxford Soto Zen
What is a Dharma Talk?

     It is a talk, usually including Q & A, given by a Buddhist teacher, who illuminates some immediate aspect of our lives through the application of Buddha's Teachings (The Dharma).
In the Soto Zen lineage, Dharma talks are only given by ordained priests and fully transmitted Roshis.


News and EvenTS


        >  6:00 – 8:50AM:   Six Zazen periods interspersed with Kinhin as usual.

        >  8:50AM:  Full Service with  Metta Sutta Chant

        >  9:00AM:  Break (Prepare Kobako)

        >  9:10AM:  Brief Talk and Guided Contemplation focused on Ohigan (Vernal),

             the semi-annual re-examination of the 6 Paramitas in relation to our current practice.

        >  9:30AM    Ceremony

        >10:00 - 10:45AM:  Potluck Brunch. Please bring a dish to share.

        >10:50:  Kitchen Soji


>SUNDAY, June 3
        >5:00PM:  Dharma Reads.  Opening the Hand of Thought, Chapter 3

>TUESDAY, June 5, 8:30-9:45AM Graham Technique Begins
         This intensive workshop taught by Kido to benefit Oxford Soto Zen is offered every
    TU & TH AM in June.  Fees: 8-Class Session $90; Single Class: $15
         Kido studied at the Graham Studio, NYC, with Martha Graham & her Company for
    four years during her early professional dance career.

>SATURDAY, June 9, 10:00AM:  Ancestors  Chants and  Homework

>SATURDAY, June 16, 10:00AM  Haiku in Zen  Discussion & Sharing

       >  8:00AM:  Zazen & Kinhin
       >  9:00AM:  Sangha Meeting:  Reports & Planning
       >  9:30 - 11:00AM:  Soji:  Semi-Annual Zendo Cleaning

> SATURDAY, June 30:  Core Support for Zazen & Life,
          Private Posture Lessons, Zen Practitioners: FREE;  General Public: $30 each
          Please sign up for one of TWO AVAILABLE SLOTS:

                        (1) 10:00 - 10:30AM ___________________________

                        (2) 10:30 - 11:00AM ___________________________






Why do Zen Buddhists meditate for such lengthy periods? 




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