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What is a Dharma Talk?

     It is a talk, usually including Q & A, given by a Buddhist teacher, who illuminates some immediate aspect of our lives through the application of Buddha's Teachings (The Dharma).
In the Soto Zen lineage, Dharma talks are only given by ordained priests and fully transmitted Roshis.


News and EvenTS

>SATURDAY,  October 6.  We will direct our attention this month to revisiting the Paramitas for our semi-annual Ohigan Celebration of Gratitude and Humility.  We wil also begin chanting and studying the beautiful and challenging Sandokai (Harmony of Difference and Equality). 
This brunch will be our first experience with adding individual Oryoki Bowls  to the practice.

>SUNDAY, October 7:  Dharma Reads  5:00-6:00PM.  Uchiyama's Opening the Hand of Thought, Chapter 8.

>SATURDAY, October 13:  Price Parker will discuss Zen principles present in the poetry of Basho, specifically drawing from his The Narrow Road to the Deep North. Miss Parker is a senior honors art history major at Ole Miss.
     After the talk, we will discuss forming an online Haiku-sharing group.

>SATURDAY, October 20.  Fall Paramita Practice:  Individual Reports and Interactive Exercise.

>SATURDAY, October 27.  Dharma Study.  Comments by Kido on Sandokai, with sangha discussion.








Why do Zen Buddhists meditate for such lengthy periods? 




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