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What is a Dharma Talk?

     It is a talk, usually including Q & A, given by a Buddhist teacher, who illuminates some immediate aspect of our lives through the application of Buddha's Teachings (The Dharma).
In the Soto Zen lineage, Dharma talks are only given by ordained priests and fully transmitted Roshis.


News and EvenTS

> Graham Technique classes Cancelled October 2 - 7 (Kido out of town)  Resume Wednesday, October 9.

> August SKY HAIKU have been removed from the website and new October Contributions Posted.  Please submit your additional October contributions now.

>Monthly CORE SUPPORT classes are now open to the public, now expanded to 2-hour format, 10:00-Noon.  Fee:  $15 (free to zen practitioners). Next Class:  Muscles, October 26. We will emphasize muscle balance in the upper body this cycle.

>CAN'T SIT STILL?  Try Kido's introduction to Metta Meditation at UUCO, Sunday, October 20, 9:30 - 10:30AM.








Why do Zen Buddhists meditate for such lengthy periods? 




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