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What is a Dharma Talk?

     It is a talk, usually including Q & A, given by a Buddhist teacher, who illuminates some immediate aspect of our lives through the application of Buddha's Teachings (The Dharma).
In the Soto Zen lineage, Dharma talks are only given by ordained priests and fully transmitted Roshis.


News and EvenTS

>SATURDAY,  SEPTEMBER 1.  The most important ceremonies in zen are ordinations. when practitioners take Bodhisattva Vows and receive vestments symbolic of their new responsibilities.  Kido will show sample vestments, explaining their meanings and use, as we study and chant the vows associated with each of five ceremonies.
Sitting begins at 6:00, Interactive Demonstrations at 9:00, Brunch at 10:00.  Vicki will provide food and flowers.

>SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 2:  Dharma Reads  5:00-6:00PM.  Uchiyama's Opening the Hand of Thought, Chapters 6 & 7

>SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22.  Anne Steel will report on a zen related book by Jim Harrison

10:00AM - Interactive Phone Conference with Taiun Michael Elliston:  "Roshi Online"








Why do Zen Buddhists meditate for such lengthy periods? 




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