Oxford Soto Zen


Weekly Sunday Zen Meditation at UUCO resumes April 5
(No Classes in March)

31 CR 198, Oxford, MS 38655

         Zen Meditation is unlike other forms of meditation in that there are no external objects of focus or stimulation, such as mantras or music.  Instead, we constantly return to – become one with – our own breath.  We will practice a few simple techniques for learning to do this, and thereby quiet the restlessness of mind and body that obscures wisdom found in silence and stillness.

         The three Recursive Stages in developing Zazen (Zen Meditation) as a method of increasing self-knowledge, equanimity, centeredness, patience, and resilience are:

·      One-pointed concentration

·      Absorption

·      Samadhi

Schedule for Sunday Morning Zazen practice

   9:30 – 9:50       Zazen

   9:50 – 10:00     Guidance in Meditation Techniques

 10:00 – 10:20     Zazen


         Newcomers and continuing participants are welcome on any/every Sunday, at any/all of the above times.  Please enter silently and take a seat.  Kido is available to discuss and answer questions every Sunday at 9:20 AM.