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SKY-HAIKU (Note:  We are working to make this page interactive.)

Please email two haikus to Kido each month for posting here (kido@flestates.net)

A deep gorge
Some of the silence is me - John Stevenson

Sinking into the hot bath
What else is there? Vicki Reithel, March 2019

My souvenir from Edo
is the refreshingly cold wind of Mount Fuji - Basho

Carved in living wood
Two doves twined in fruitful vines
Couple linked in love - Anne Steel, March 2019

With one who can rule
His words, not speaking all thoughts,
I enjoy the cool. - Hyakuchi

While waiting for dawn,
Our blinds open on Venus,
Jupiter, half-moon. - Kido, March 2019

With a bit of madness in me, which is poetry,
I plod along like Chikusai among the wails of the wind.  - Basho

AC came on
New vibration,
It went off, space. - Kieth Moore, February 2019

Flowering thorn -
How like the roads about the place where I was born! - Buson

It's so wonderful,
How the body heals itself!
Must then thought nurse wounds?  - Kido, February 2019

Mount Fuji in winter.

The sun and stars are big‐hearted

And strict. - Iida Dakotsu

Morning fog hangs through the branches 

The bird’s voice

The moon not seen   - Vicki Reithel February 2019)