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SKY-HAIKU.  If you are interested in joining OSZ's online Haiku club, see instructions at the bottom of this page.

He who appears before you now

Is the Toad of this Thicket - Issa

A car crashes.  A friend dies.

Sangha silence - Kuya Minogue, December 2019

For that brief moment when the fire-fly went out

O the lonely darkness - Hokushi

First sleet of winter

Jingles hitting the red maple tree blocks out

the wail of sirens - Do Ja Williams, December 2019

When I think, "MY snow!"

Snow flakes weigh nearly nothing on my wooly hat - Kikaku

This banana bread -  always the same recipe

Yet tastes different - Kido Listenbee, December, 2019

In the sun of a cold winter day

My shadow had frozen stiff on horseback - Basho

Awareness wakens and gratitude swells
From the blow of compassion -  Anne Steel, November 2019

Oh that harvest moon!
It made me go wandering
All night long.  -  Basho

The road gets rougher
As clouds part and the air melts
Into Mis'sippi.  -  Kido Listenbee, November 2019


·      Submit two haiku per month - no more.

o   Email them to Kido kido@flestates.net

§  The first one should be one of your favorites by a classic poet;

§  the second one - which is optional - is your own original work. 

o   No titles nor contextual material will be posted: the poem must speak for itself. 

o   Each pair of poems will stay up for the month of its submission and the following month.



·      All these requirements help us practice a kind of zen discipline of economy and restraint, and help us to appreciate the wisdom of impermanence.

·      If you submit more than one original per month, Kido will post the first one she reads. 

o   She wants to be a conduit, not a curator.


Please visit www.oxford-soto-zen.org several days after submission to see yours and others' postings.