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SKY-HAIKU.  If you are interested in joining OSZ's online Haiku club, see instructions at the bottom of this page.

In the dark, rainy dawn,

Birds' singing  -  Jack Kerouac


Others bear witness, hold space for what's next.

                                -  William Kester, March, 2021

The little girl hangs all the ornaments

On the nearest branch  -  Cor van den Heuvel

Treat old bodies like

Children:  Listen, then ask,

"Show me what you can do!"

                                 -  Kido Listenbee, March 2021

Trickling from

A village child's sleeve

Cherry blossoms  -  Issa

Countless arms and legs

All ways of nurture and hold

The village is one -  Gen Ju Reithel, March 2021

Cry of a hawk,

Cracking ice across the lake --

Enough of my talk  -  Billy Collins

Flakes fall noiselessly.

My ears rest in white silence;

My dark thoughts take wing.  Anne Steel, March 2021

A child's drawing

The ladder to the sun

Only three steps  -  Scott Metz

Biking back at dusk

Last light gathers in the sky

Moon glow brings me home 

                                        -  Gen Ju Reithel, February, 2021

I didn't know

The names of the flowers

And now my garden is gone  -  Allen Ginsberg

Ocean of sky in blue waves gold

Turning toward and away from the sun  

                                         -  Kido Listenbee, February 2021

They didn't hire him

So he ate his lunch alone

- The noon whistle  -  Gary Snyder

Please don't ever think

Anything is out of place

Let loneliness be  -  Anne Steel,  February 2021

Year's end

All corners of this floating world

Swept  -  Basho

Raindrops like pearls gleam

from twig-ends, off'ring light for

the new year's birthing.  -  Anne Steel, January 2021

stone before stone buddha  -  Karma Tenzing Wangchuk


Acorn strikes the roof
The rolling outlines the form
Seen and unseen meet  -  Gen-ju Reithel, January, 2021

Clouds come from time to time
And bring to us a chance to rest
From looking at the moon  -  Basho

Cardinal hen pecks withered beauty-berries in  the
slow-returning sun  -  Kido Listenbee, January 2021


·      Submit two haiku per month - no more.

o   Email them to Kido kido@flestates.net

§  The first one should be one of your favorites by a classic poet;

§  the second one - which is optional - is your own original work. 

o   No titles nor contextual material will be posted: the poem must speak for itself. 

o   Each pair of poems will stay up for the month of its submission, plus the following two months.



·      All these requirements help us practice a kind of zen discipline of economy and restraint, and help us to appreciate the wisdom of impermanence.

·      If you submit more than one original per month, Kido will post the first one she reads. 

o   She wants to be a conduit, not a curator.


Please visit www.oxford-soto-zen.org several days after submission to see yours and others' postings.