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SKY-HAIKU.  If you are interested in joining OSZ's online Haiku club, see instructions at the bottom of this page.

Our lives are like the plants floating along the river's edge
Illumined by the moon  -  Ryokan

Grief is a country peopled with presence
Constant, resourceful, alive  -  Kido Listenbee, October 2020

The baby swallows
Make way make way
The horse is going to pass along  -  Issa

Form interrupts form
Bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump, bump
Shoes left in the rain.  - Gen Ju Reithel, September 2020

The first winter rain,
And my name shall be called "Traveller."  -  Basho

Family, song, three notes
Sigh of satisfaction
Nothing more to say  -  Anne Steel, September 2020

Awakened at midnight
by the sound of the water jar cracking
from the ice  -  Bassho

Barking dog wakes  you
from warmth when tree brushes window  -  Do Ja Williams, September 2020

Oh, don't mistreat the fly!
He wrings his hands!  He wrings his feet!  -  Issa

As I walk my path
Stepping stones give way to grass
Which tiny bugs climb.  -  Kido Listenbee, September 2020

Midnight - no waves, no wind
The empty boat is flooded with moonlight.  -  Dogen

Dawn slithers in among long-leaf pines
Under cover of darkness  - Do Ja Tenjin Williams, August 2020

I heard the unblown flute
In the deep summer shadows
Of the Temple of Sumatra  -  Bassho

Goldfinches pluck seeds from our feeder
With no thoughts of please or thank you  -  Anne Steele, August, 2020

A world of dew
And within every dewdrop
A world of struggle  -  Kobayashi Issa

Tail of the tiger
Leaf upon leaf upon leaf
Each shadow a stripe  -  Gen Ju Reithel, August 2020

Not much to offer:
A lotus flower floating
In a water-bowl.  -  Ryokan

Wheels crunch on gravel
Her memory still is sound
Someone's coming home.  -  Kido Listenbee, August 2020


·      Submit two haiku per month - no more.

o   Email them to Kido kido@flestates.net

§  The first one should be one of your favorites by a classic poet;

§  the second one - which is optional - is your own original work. 

o   No titles nor contextual material will be posted: the poem must speak for itself. 

o   Each pair of poems will stay up for the month of its submission, plus the following two months.



·      All these requirements help us practice a kind of zen discipline of economy and restraint, and help us to appreciate the wisdom of impermanence.

·      If you submit more than one original per month, Kido will post the first one she reads. 

o   She wants to be a conduit, not a curator.


Please visit www.oxford-soto-zen.org several days after submission to see yours and others' postings.