Oxford Soto Zen

SKY-HAIKU (Note:  We are working to make this page interactive.)

Please email two haikus to Kido each month for posting here (kido@flestates.net)

A crowd of umbrellas
A child opens his face to the rain -  Connie Donleycott

The heat radiating from that rock
Feel the karma  Vicki Reithel, May,2019

Two petals fall
And the shape of the peony is wholly changed  -  Murasaki Shikoku

Swift cascades smooth the sharp rocks
Broken loose from the mesa's lofty cliffs  -  Anne Steel, May 2019

It's so rotten
No other dogs enjoy old jokes with me.  - Basho

Down down down, gentle downy rain
Met by fresh shoots up on the way up - Kido, May  2019

Say no words.
Time is completely collapsing in the woods.  - Sonia Sanchez

Two low-flying crows
Ebony at dawn - Vicki Reithel, April 2019

A lively cherry in full bloom
Between two lives now made one - Basho

Silver sky arches over still green marsh
Turtles bask on sun-warmed logs - Anne Steel, April 2019

Dragonflies -  All their frenzies quiet down -
The young moon in the skies - Kikaku

Frost upon frost yet budding again
Ever green on the spiral path - Kido, April 2019